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user experience, interaction
design, information architecture,
visual design, usability

for web, software,
mobile, hardware

hi there!

i am an interaction designer with an exceptional combination of analytical skills, advanced education, and more than 20 years of professional experience.

i have pushed the boundaries of user experience creation and am proud that my innovations have earned recognition in quite a few international awards and patents.

everyday millions of people worldwide are using interactive systems coined by me.

i studied industrial, interaction and communication design as well as cognitive psychology. i hold a ph.d. in interaction design.

in my work, i mediate between functional requirements and the target audience's abilities in order to generate usable systems and enjoyable experiences.
i am both fascinated by directing teams and concepts in large scale projects and having fun designing hands-on.


dr. clemens lango
cd interaction design


touchscreen & beyond
interaction dna for ford
  communication software
vodafone messenger
  modeling software
cinema 4d
  user interface revolution
visuos™ visual search
  software suite
amp media planner

consulting and creation of the ford next generation brand-specific interaction dna "fordconvers+" for integrated control of navigation/ multimedia/ infotainment
systems within the interface and design departments of Ford.

3 patents (co-inventor)
4 awards & nominations

  creation of the complete user experience for the vodafone instant messenger.

design of a novel digital product for the platforms pc application, mobile, and web application.

1 patent (co-inventor)
  consulting, creation of interaction design concepts and visual design guidelines for version 10 of the 3d-modeling and animation software cinema 4d - one of the worldwide leading softwares in this segment.   visuos™ is the user interface revolution for the next generation search engine.
it empowers the user to understand search results leading him faster to the desired content.

call for licensees now!
  conception and interaction design of a novel state-of-the-art media planning application.

tools for supervision, creating media plans, campaign management, monitoring, optimization, supervision of media teams, etc. have been conceived.

global consumer products
  assurance site redesign
transaction optimization
  mobile nav device & app
netalie - the way is clear
  website & logo redesign
du diederichs ag
  large scale web apps
ford, jaguar, landrover

long term attendance of the digital product developments for more than 6 years.

coining of the user experience within the interface and design departments from logic of operation to visual design.

  concept, user experience, visual design, and transaction optimization of a b2c assurance site. brand adaptability to regional ci of the assurance company.   netalie is a mobile device supporting communication and travel with public transportation.

when invented in 1995 it was 10+ years ahead of time and anticipated today's similar products and apps.

7 awards & nominations
  logo design, interaction design, visual design, information architecture for one of the large building project management companies in germany.   long time conducting of steadily growing b2b web platforms.

the conceived interface toolkit and information architecture has proved to be highly scalable over 3+ years in a 300+
pages environment with rich web
applications and marketing tools.
  launch portfolio    




some of the clients i've been working for


  interaction design - between hardware
and software

"formdiskurs - Journal of Design and Design Theory"
other articles in this issue by Donald A. Norman, Michael Erlhoff, Frieder Nake
[german/ english]

download [pdf 1,7MB]


  design goes interactive - interaction design:
user verstehen und binden

"XPA - experience Planetactive 02 - relations"

download [pdf 0,6MB]


  visuos - a visuospatial operating software for knowledge work - user interface concepts for visual queries, knowledge spaces, process management, link management

hybrid publication (book/ Internet)
Synchron Publishers Heidelberg in the book series "Digital Horizons"


  die vernachlässigte größe -
dr. clemens lango über marke und usability

"XPA - experience Planetactive 05 - impact"

download [pdf 0,2MB]


  mobile instant messenger für vodafone - user aktivieren heißt user verstehen

"XPA - experience Planetactive special - activate"

download [pdf 0,4MB]


  visuos™: modular, integrated software could help knowledge workers keep track and make sense of abundant information by narrowing the cognitive load

article in ACM's online journal "ubiquity"
volume 4, issue 33

read at acm "ubiquity"


  visuos™ - strategies & user interface concepts for next generation knowledge work systems

article in "intelligent decision technologies" international journal, special issue on knowledge visualization published by IOS press
volume 2, number 2

download [pdf 3,4MB]




conception and execution of multiple interaction design, product conception and usability evaluation seminars within employment at the computational design program at the university of wuppertal.


  seminars taught (extract)

  • design of experimental software products (1998)
  • graphic user interfaces - design & prototyping (1998)
  • conception & interface design of WAP applications (1999)
  • computational design II - car radio interface concepts (1999)
  • principles of digital design (1999/2000)

seminar poster 01, 02, 03, 04


  the taught conception process

1 functional analysis
2 functional classification
     into primary, secondary, comfort functions
3 paper prototype 01, 02, 03 (answering machine)
4 adaptation to software (answering machine)
5 adaptation to hardware product
     (answering machine)


  car radio user interface concepts

concept 1 (stefanie nickel)
concept 2 (sibylle wegner)
concept 3 (markus punge)
concept 4 (marcel huch)
concept 5 (holger kofler)


  wap applications & interface concepts

presentation on website
    (created by tanja bunse + tanja trossen)
flowchart "cab sharing" concept" (eva reber)
flowchart "city guide" (tanja bunse)
interface scribbles "city guide"
usage scenario "city guide"
usage scenario "movie guide" (thomas kotlinski)


  low-fidelity protytyper software

"low-fidelity prototyper" is a software invented and programmed by clemens lango. it is intended for quick construction of structural user interface mockups and the visualization of scenario sequences. the user is 'forced' to concentrate on the pure structural side of interfaces.
it has originally been conceived for the classes at the computational design programme.
as freeware it has been downloaded from several hundred times.

interface concepts built with low-fidelity prototyper

1 the low-fidelity prototyper user interface
2 comfort phone (mario minale)
3 alarm radio (mario minale)
4 answering machine (man choi)



Mobile radio terminal selecting communication partners
united states patent WO2004025970A2
issued march 25, 2004
invented in context of my work for Vodafone.

Operating and display system for a vehicle
united states patent US20100259483
issued october 14, 2010
invented in context of my work for Ford.


Method and device for selecting designations from at least one predetermined word pool
united states patent WO2008135585
issued november 13, 2008
invented in context of my work for Ford.

Vorrichtung zur Anzeige und Steuerung von kraftfahrzeugbezogenen Funktionen in einem Kraftfahrzeug
germany patent application 83140326
filed january 6, 2010
invented in context of my work for Ford.


research, lectures

Content Visualization and Intermedia Representations (CVIR '98) - Research Conference
invitation to Coling-ACL Workshop/ University of Montreal, Quebec
publication "interactive multimedia navigation"
Canada, 1998

Ed-Media / Ed-Telecom 98 –
World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Educational Telecommunications

AACE - Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
selection of the publication for the German Resaearch Association (DFG) research project “Navigation in Multimedia Knowledge Spaces”
Freiburg, 1998

Media Forum Cologne '97
"Cognitive Aspects of Visualization"
presentation of concepts selected by "media NRW"
Cologne, 1997

Media Forum Cologne '98
"interactive multimedia navigation"; "netalie - the way is clear"
presentation of concepts in context of the research network "Bits -> Images -> Meaning", "media NRW"
Cologne, 1998


From Bauhaus to Thinkhouse - International Design Colloquium
"Development of interaction-structures and function software as new design fields"
lecture, publication
Wuppertal, 1998

Envisioning Knowledge - The Knowledge Society and the New Media international congress
held by the Academy of the Third Millenium, 3rd Media-Biannual, Congress Center Munich, 1999
lecture "Digital Knowledge Transfer" - presentation of the research project "webos"

Planetactive GmbH
consulting/optimization of business processes

"What is Interaction Design and how can it be integrated in projects?"

Bits > Images > Meaning
research group, Collaboration and research workshops on visualization of multidimensional geoscientific data
Universities of Münster, Bielefeld, and Paderborn


press clippings

Screen Multimedia

"netalie - der Weg liegt auf der Hand - product concept and multimedia presentation"
report, edition 4/ 97, p. 96, 1997

"Tragbarer Lotse - Ein kleines Gerät in der Handtasche könnte Fußgängern schon bald den Weg weisen"
report, edition 2/ 98, p. 11, 1998

"Perfekte Begleiterin"
report, edition 13 March 98, p. 6, 1998

Rheinische Post
"Audi Design Förderpreis an Ratinger"
"Taschennavigator-Studie: Keine Pfadfindermentalität digitaler Kompaßnadel"
report, edition 27 May 1998

form online
design communications and resources
"Der Weg liegt auf der Hand - Kommunikation und Navigation in einem Gerät"
edition no. 21, 15 - 28 July 1998


"Der Weg liegt auf der Hand"
"netalie - ein tragbarer City-Scout verknüpft die Verkehrsträger"
report, edition 2/ 98, p. 5

Telematics – NetzModerneNavigatoren
article on the product innovation "netalie - the way is clear" in a publication in context of the award for telematics-applications; editor Jeannot Simmen, distribution: bookstore Walter König, Cologne, 2002

WDR - german television
TV report on the "netalie" product concept

i-com - journal for interactive & cooperative media
recension on visuos by prof. bürdek

The 99 Best Webprojects
"corporate media network" website concept & design featured
könig publishers

Web Design Index 1
"corporate media network" website concept & design featured
the pepin press


award ceremony photo

if design awards gold prize

"qixxit - mobility for a new generation" wins one of the rare gold awards in this year's if design awards. the ceremony took place in the BMW world in munich.

agency: cheil germany
client: deutsche bahn
my role: CD & head of user experience design

read more on qixxit


       +++ website just updated! +++

visuos™ - the visual way to eye the web.
• search • storage • retrieval

visuos™ is an innovative, full featured operating software concept with modules for visual search, storage, and retrieval.

it empowers the user to understand search results leading him faster to the desired content.

from düsseldorf to detroit

last year i've been to detroit for two weeks. this time supporting the development of a next generation global consumer touch product.


article on visuos published

article on vısuos™ published in ACM's "ubiquity - the magazine devoted to the future of computing and the people who are creating it."


recension on visuos by prof. bürdek

i am pleased to report that prof. bernhard e. bürdek published a recension on visuos in "i-com - journal for interactive & cooperative media"!

read the recension


if design awards 2014
gold winner

qixxit - mobility for a new generation
for Deutsche Bahn
app and desktop app for integrated mobility planning and guidance

1 of 20 gold awards selected from 1.102 entries from 55 nations in the communication award prize, category "product interfaces" (4.615 entries across the if design awards 2014 in total).

the if design award is one of the most prestigious national and international design awards.

qixxit in if online exhibition

red dot design award 2007

next generation brand-specific interaction dna FordConvers+ for Ford of Europe

selection from 3.880 entries from 34 nations.

the red dot design award is one of the leading and largest design awards worldwide granting high design quality, innovation, and precision.

1 winner's certificate
2 gala at design zentrum nrw
3 exhibition at the design museum
4 publication in red dot yearbook 07/08
5 award ceremony

the silver flame trophy

Henry Ford Technology Award 2007

next generation brand-specific interaction dna FordConvers+ for Ford of Europe

selection from 460 international applications of ford motor company (ford, jaguar, landrover, volvo, mazda, lincoln, mercury).

the hfta is a very prestigious award - "the company's highest technological honor".
only 458 technologies have been awarded in 28 years.

the award ceremony took place in detroit/ USA.

1 winner's certificate
2 letter from CEO alan mulally
3 ceremony footage screen 1, screen 2
4 the awarded team

Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

next generation brand-specific interaction dna FordConvers+ for Ford of Europe

this is the official design award of the federal republic of germany.
precondition to take part is a nomination by the federal ministry and having won another design award. due to these demanding criteria it is seen as "the prize of the prizes".

International Concept Award

selection from 195 entries from 33 nations (public category)
product-, interaction-, and interface-concept

International Audi Design Award
"Life in Motion"

selection from 900 entries from 50 nations
presentation at Hannover Fair (world's largest industry trade fair)

Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award
special recognition

"for ... excellent quality and foresightful complexity."
Raymond Loewy Foundation

Midea - Multimedia Innovations for Germany

Siemens AG, Eutelis Consult

Design Competition
praising recognition

Ministry of Economy & Technology NRW Design Zentrum NRW – nowadays known as "red dot"

Foundation Competition Multimedia 1998

German Ministry for Economy and Technology (BMWi)
selection from 360 entries
business idea, concept, interaction design

International Design Awards
honorable mention

next generation brand-specific interaction dna FordConvers+ for Ford of Europe

this award is organized by the iDA/ los angeles.
the entries have been exhibited at the MODAA (museum of design art and architecture) in california.

Multimedia Transfer ´97

Academic Software Cooperation, University of Karlsruhe

Multimedia Transfer ´98

Academic Software Cooperation, University of Karlsruhe

diverse pitches

successful acquisition of many projects in competition against other agencies



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